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Dragon art by dragon lovers!
Creator- slinky_dragon aka theSlink
Maintainer- rainwing

Community Purpose
Whether you have a dragon avatar, or you just love dragons, your dragon art is welcome here! This community is exclusive only to dragon art, and the mutual help and support of fellow artists. Rough drawings are okay too! If you need (positive) criticism or a redlining, don't be afraid to post your art and ask for help.

Who is eligible?
Anyone who is a dragon artist! Please share your best dragon art with us, and be sure to introduce yourself. :)

-Post only your own dragon art, and/or questions pertaining to drawing dragons. If you have found a particularly helpful tutorial on drawing dragons, feel free to post that too! :D
-Do not post any copies of other artist's art work. Lets be original!
-Please, no scoffing/contempt/flaming at other people's art. This is a supportive community!
-No sexual/yiff/"rated R" art please! Have a question as to what is appropriate? You know who to e-mail.
-Contact the maintainer only when necessary!

*We reserve the right to ban anyone who breaks these rules continually, after more than one warning.